Why used reclaimed wood?
Whether your space needs to be refreshed or designed from scratch, there are numerous reasons to use reclaimed wood.


  • Quality. Reclaimed wood is aged, stable, and strong. It’s easier to work with and we only repurpose the best.

  • Sustainability. Reclaimed wood is responsible. Giving new life to old wood allows us to pay tribute to the past.

  • Character. Each notch, color variation, grain and texture is unique in our wood. When it all comes together, your end product is one that can’t be duplicated.

  • Originality. Reclaimed wood isn’t mass produced. Each board is hand-crafted in our shop with precision and care.

  • Appeal. Reclaimed wood has unparalleled appeal in both residential and commercial spaces.

What makes us different?

One of the things that sets
Reclaimed Reserve LLC apart from the competition is our
reserve of wood. We have more than two million (and growing) board feet ready for your job.

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