Want to add a reclaimed stone or brick wall? What about a beautiful faux finish on a custom table?

We do that too.

Finishes. Wood from Reclaimed Reserve LLC is beautiful without any stain, but sometimes your project calls for a unique look that can only be achieved through faux finishes. Our professional team of finishers can take your project to a whole new level by distressing or finishing any piece we build or install to your specifications.

Brick and stone. Walls, backsplash, mantels, furniture and other builds “pop” when using historic brick and stone. Reclaimed Reserve LLC searches the country for sustainable materials to use in our projects. Our bricks can even be tiled to your specifications and professionally installed in a manner that provides a custom look, but is more durable, lighter weight, and more consistent than using full bricks.

Iron and metal. When we say we can take your project from start to finish, we mean it. Reclaimed Reserve LLC can not only create beautiful finishes, wood, furniture and millwork for your project, but we can also produce display shelving, brackets, custom spindles, truss wraps, wall art, railing, casings, reclaimed metal range hoods, and more.

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